Circulus is a Latin word defined in English as a social gathering around a specific interest; we are the Circulus and our interest is entertainment.

Circulus is an innovative new circus company, who bring together the most promising circus & theatrical production talent in Britain. Our brand of fast-paced, immersive and exciting live circus arts, coupled with bespoke, digitally enhanced performance spaces culminate to create a truly visceral art form that appeals to a modern audience. Performing in found and forgotten spaces in London and the UK we aim to transform a space, inviting our audiences to step from the mundane drudgery of the streets into a totally immersive, modern circus experience. Leaving it exactly as we found it, coming and going, a finite entity…

Free yourself from the ‘norm’, let us risk our lives to improve yours.



“Young and talented circus artists – one to watch” – Saddlers Wells

“They are incredibly talented performers – brilliant, fresh, creative and comedic” – Jason Gardiner, ITV’s Dancing on Ice

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The show Silver Lining is being performed at the City of London festival


4th & 5th July


The show Silver Lining is being performed at the Out There festival


19th September




Phone: +44 (0)7826 516833